Since January 2016,the Fans World Cup Tournament's headquarters have been located at 88-23 37 avenue Jackson Heights  New York.
To promote Fair play among the fans around the world during sports events, in achieving sustained love and peace before ,during and after the games while demonstrating the values of the Olympic movement .
United States Fans World cup Tournament,Inc Committee:
founded in 2010,legalized in 2016 and headquarter    temporary in Jackson heights  ,New York, Fans world Cup tournament serves FANS for The United States
and around the world .
As such ,fans world cup tournament ,is responsible for the training ,entering and funding of US FANS Team for The fans world cup tournament ,while serving as a steward of nonviolence in sports movement throughout the country and around the world.
In addition to its international responsibilities to organize the Fans world cup games every two years to rewards the best fans of forty countries ,the us -fans world cup tournament Committee aids America's Fans Team ,providing financial support and jointly working with all the sports federations to encourage fans to :
-1- know the rules of their sport
-2- know the sport history their sport
-3- know how to helped others fans in case of emergency.
-4- know about the history of entire sport movement 
-5- know when to go to the stadium for the game or not ...ect
The US Fans Word Cup Tournament ,Inc committee also supports fans through programming such as direct fans funding after the world cup(FANS ECONOMIC FORUM ).health insurance,tuition grants,media and marketing opportunities ,career services and performance-based monetary rewards.
Before the competition every two years the Committee provide to the FANS AND COACHES performance services ,including sport medicine; strength and conditioning;psychology,physiology and nutrition assistance;and performance technology.
Additionally ,The committee oversees the process by which the cities bid to host the FANS COMPETITION every two years.

                                                                                ABOUT US


We are the guardians of the peace in the sport area .FWCT protects the integrity of the sport movement with our member associations and the zones Headquarters. To improve and strengthen governance standards   within the entire sport community around the world. We give to the fans the solid  foundation  They need to thrive everywhere.


   Building a better future among the kids

Sport has the power to bring people together and to break down barriers .It gives FWCT a platform to improve standards of education, health and sustainability, and to raise living standards and quality of life across the world.  


                                                                Competition and finances

FWCT unites and inspires the FANS through his competitions. FWCT provides the stable and sustainable financial foundation that they fans need to develop and prosper their business through “FANS ECONOMIC FORUM.” We maintain the highest standard of financial management in sport.  FWCT is a not-for-profit community of 209 associations.

FWCT WITH MOROCCO FOR 2016 Soccer world cup .

 Fans world cup tournament

est un programme de l ' Olympic of the worl , inc.

Une organisation sportive à but non lucratif basée à Maryland aux États-Unis  et qui vient en aide aux supporters pour un sport sans violence.

L ' OCW est créée en 2008, et son siège est à Maryland aux États-Unis. Immatriculée sous le numéro 1000361997063775.

Des antennes sont en cours de créations dans sept zones:

Afrique avec résidence à Yaoundé.

-Asie avec résidence à New Delhi.

-Amérique du nord avec résidence à Toronto.

-Amérique du sud avec résidence à Sao polo.

-Amérique du centre avec résidence à Port-au-Prince. -Europe avec résidence à Bruxelles.

-Océanie avec résidence a Cambera.

Le programme centre ses interventions sur les axes suivants :

-intégrer les supporters dans le circuit des retombes financières générées par l'organisation des compétitions sportives

-aider les supporters à maitriser les lois de jeu leurs disciplines

-organiser des forums économiques pour les supporters et leur permettre de nouer des contacts d’affaire

-éviter la violence lors des rencontres sportives. 

Remember GARNER during the game.